Business Continuity

Information about business continuity and how to improve your business’ resilience to emergencies within Runnymede.


Business Continuity is about helping  you to keep your business going when you face some kind of disruption. This could be due to such things as a flu pandemic, fire, flood, snow, IT failure or power loss, etc.


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Further support:

Central Government Business Continuity Toolkit

The Business Continuity Institute Plan Template

Advice and guidance from the National Cyber Security Centre

Top tips for business continuity planning

Runnymede Borough Council’s emergency planning and business continuity advisors (Applied Resilience) have put together some key considerations for organisations in Runnymede to think about when writing a business continuity plan as shown here: Business Continuity Plan

Once your plan is in place

Even if you are confident that you have robust contingencies in place you should not be complacent.

  • Revisit your business continuity plan regularly and update it as necessary.
  • Ask your key suppliers and partners what their plans are for an emergency - don't assume they have a plan.
  • Make sure your key members of staff are aware of the plan and the actions they need to take.

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