Covid19 - Guidance for Pubs and Restaurants 24/9/2020

Here is a current list of the main requirements and recommendations for hospitality businesses.

1. Conduct a Covid-19 risk assessment and implement measures to stop the  spread of the virus. Consider the risk to your employees and to members of the public. Read this government advice and base your measures on the recommendations outlined. 

2. Groups must be limited to a maximum of 6 and no person in one qualifying group should mingle with any person in another qualifying group. It is up to you to take steps to police this. Make sure you check group sizes when taking bookings.

3. You must obtain contact tracing details from visitors. For this purpose you must display an NHS QR code track and trace poster next to the entrance. You can generate your own poster via this link. If the app is not used (and some people will not be able to) you will need to maintain a separate log of visitor details. This should consist of a name, telephone number (or email or address), date, time and number in group. You should refuse entry to anyone who fails to provide details.

4. Groups (or individuals if alone) should be distanced primarily by maintaining distance between tables that are occupied. This must be at least 2m between tables or at least 1m if:

  • Barriers (or screens) are used between tables;
  • The tables are arranged with back to back seating (or so that individuals on different tables are not facing each other);
  • Other measures are taken.

5. Table service is mandatory; including in outside areas. There should be no standing customers even in adjacent areas to the premises. Fixed penalty and/or prohibition notices may be issued for non-compliance in addition to prosecution.

6. Please lower music volume and keep people seated if broadcasting sport.

7. Face coverings should be worn by customers except when sat down to drink or eat. Staff also have to wear them when in close proximity to customers. Exemptions apply.

8. We recommend you offer hand sanitiser on entry and you must ensure that sufficient means of washing hands effectively is provided. Please maintain rigorous cleaning and sanitising routines; especially hand-contact surfaces.

9. Premises selling food and drink must close between the hours of 10pm and 5am (some exemptions apply to certain premises involving performances and deliveries). Fixed penalty and/or prohibition notices may be issued for noncompliance in addition to prosecution.

10. Rules are subject to change at short notice so keep up to date online at:

This advice was Issued by the Environmental Health Team | 01932 838383 |