Business Runnymede


Business Runnymede is a partnership between the local business community, educational providers, police and borough council, who work together to encourage and support enterprise in the borough. 

What we do

The partnership works to support business, but also tackle the issues affecting it. Here are some examples of the work we've done to this end:

  • Rush hour congestion was straining the local road network, which led to Business Runnymede pioneering a distinctive Yellow Bus Scheme which helped reduce traffic. 
  • Fostering an active networking scene in the borough, with our hosting of breakfast forums throughout the year covering a wide range of topics, bringing local companies together on issues that matter. The vast majority of these forums are free, with sponsorship coming from local businesses who wish to make others aware of their activities. If you wish to sponsor a Business Runnymede forum, please contact us here.

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If you are a business owner or director, you may also like to enter your company in the Business Runnymede directory here.

We do not ask for a membership fee to join, we simply want your support in making Runnymede an even better location for business and enterprise.