High Streets re-opening

How is the council supporting the high street? 

Runnymede Council with other Local Authorities will be allocated a grant from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) to help make high streets a safer shopping environment for their community and businesses.

The Council has put forward a grant application to help support local businesses through FREE social media webinars and the Shop Safe, Shop Locally campaign. The aim is to encourage residents to visit their local shops, and bring vibrancy back into the Borough’s three towns.

The funding is time-limited by the ERDF and will cease in June 2021, but the Council expects that by spending the grant wisely, during that time and drawing on the strength of local people and organisations, its impact can be felt in the longer term.

For more information about the funding and its criteria, see GOV.UK - Reopening High Streets Safely Fund guidance.

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FREE Webinar workshops for Runnymede Businesses

We are working in partnership with Air Social, a social media consultancy to support Runnymede SME’s to prepare for reopening of non-essential businesses from 12th April.

Business Runnymede are offering FREE workshops for SME’s to enhance their opportunity to be competitive in these challenging times.

By up-skilling their social media knowledge, businesses will be equipped to keep at the forefront of today’s consumer demands and enhance their digital business opportunities.

Workshops are bookable through our Eventbrite page.

Look out for our social media campaign running from 18th March for two weeks on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

This will also be supported by Runnymede Council website and newsletters.

Workshops will include:

  • 1st workshop: 31st March at 10am  - Increase the visibility of your business on Google through a free Google My Business workshop
  • 2nd workshop: 8th April at 10am  - Learn how to use Facebook effectively for your business through our free Facebook Workshop
  • 3rd workshop: 9th April at 10am - Enhance your business’s social media presence through a free Instagram Workshop
  • 4th workshop: 22nd April at TBC Limited spaces - Learn how to use social media effectively for your business through a free, personalised social media workshop

Funded by the European Regional Development Funding (ERDF) to support the ‘Reopening of High Street safely’ project.

Re-opening of the high street

On the 12 April 2021, all non-essential retail shops begin to open their doors as the government cautiously  eases the lockdown measures to re-opening of the high street. Retailers will need to follow Government roadmap to easing lockdown guidelines when re-opening.

Business Runnymede will help to keep businesses keep up to date with the latest government guidance and tools and Runnymede Borough Council’s ‘shopsafeshoplocally’ campaign, which is supported by the European Regional Development Fund.

Steps to re-opening safely - updates

The government have set out revised updates to the roadmap to help businesses remain safe. Dates that should be noted :

Step 1. 29 March

Step 2. 12 April

Step 3. 17 May

Step 4. 21 June -to be reviewed