High Streets re-opening

How is the council supporting the high street? 

Runnymede Council along with all other Local Authorities will be allocated a grant from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) to help make their high streets a safer shopping environment for their community and businesses.

The Council has put forward a grant application to help support local businesses through promotions and information. Runnymede Council’s aim is to encourage people to visit their local shops, and to bring more vibrancy back into the Borough’s three towns.

The funding is time limited by the ERDF and will cease in March 2021, but the Council expects that by spending the grant wisely during that time, and drawing on the strength of local people and organisations, its impact can be felt in the longer term.

For more information about the funding and its criteria, see GOV.UK - Reopening High Streets Safely Fund guidance.

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Re-opening of the high street

On the 15 June 2020, all non-essential retail shops began to open their doors as the government cautiously phase re-opening of the high street. Retailers will need to follow Government COVID-19 secure guidelines when re-opening.

Business Runnymede will help to keep businesses up to date with the latest government guidance and tools. We have useful links and ideas to help you re-open safely. You will also be able to find links and information relating to Runnymede Borough Council’s ‘Live Local’ campaign which is supported by the European Regional Development Fund.

Steps to re-opening safely

The government have set out five practical steps to help businesses to stay safe.

These are:

  1. carry out a COVID risk assessment

  2. develop cleaning and hygiene procedures

  3. help staff to work from home (where possible)

  4. maintain social distancing according to current guidance

  5. where people cannot keep the social distance permitted, manage transmission risk.

Businesses are expected to display a poster to show that they adhere to the five steps. You can download the poster here.

Working safely tool

To help employers re-open their businesses safely, the government has launched a new tool to identify the most relevant guidance for your business. The guidance highlighted will help you carry out a risk assessment and make sensible adjustments to the workplace and workforce.

This guidance is only for businesses that are allowed to re-open in England and can be found here: WorkingSafelyTool.

Employees can also use this guide to check what their workplace needs to do to keep people safe.

Shops and branches

Specific government advice for shops and branches can be found here

Business Runnymede will be posting a re-opening safe guidance flyer to the businesses on the high streets, read our high street re-opening advice here