An Innovative Borough

Runnymede is one of the most innovative areas in the country

Of the 324 local authority districts in the UK, Runnymede ranks only behind Cambridge in Grant Thornton’s Dynamism and Opportunity Index. This ranking means Runnymede is not only one of the most entrepreneurial and innovative areas in the country but is a place where the local population has the skill set to continue to drive future growth.

Offering high productivity rates, with the highest GVA per capita outside London; high business growth rates, particularly when measured by growth in employment; and a high concentration of employment in the knowledge economy, Runnymede leads the way in being a base for innovation.

Businesses opting to move to Runnymede would be co-located with major national centres of research and innovation, such as the UK Government’s Animal and Plant Health Agency, and Royal Holloway, University of London.

Runnymede’s position as a centre for innovation is also cemented by it being home to a leading base of technology companies, particularly in the growing cybersecurity sector. As well as this, Runnymede is home to a rapidly expanding cluster of businesses involved in the creative technologies and media sector, underpinned by the presence of leading players in the industry such as Netflix, and Royal Holloway, University of London’s award-winning StoryFutures Academy - the UK's National Centre for Immersive Storytelling.

A skilled workforce

Runnymede has a highly skilled population, with qualification levels higher than the rest of the South East and Great Britain as a whole.

Source: ONS Annual Popualtion Survey 2017