CyberSecurity: Arming yourself against an attack globally

Tuesday 19 March 2019
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Is your team prepared to deal with a cyber-crisis?

Cybersecurity is increasingly at the centre of every business globally. Businesses are undoubtedly reliant upon digital functions for day to day activities. Alongside the many benefits emerging with this shift, also comes the cyber threat landscape which is increasingly complex and sophisticated, targeted attacks test the resilience of all businesses. 

Cyber exposure is now seen as inevitable and a cyber-breach is more considered ‘when’ it will occur rather than ‘if’. More importantly, how severe the consequences of a breach will be once it has occurred. 

It is vital that businesses are well informed about potential risks and are prepared for actions to take before, during and after an attack. The best way to assess your organisational resilience and the organisation’s capacity to deal with the crisis effectively is to undertake an incident simulation exercise.

After places are confirmed all participants will be sent a questionnaire to complete. The Cyber Attitudes Assessment questionnaire explores the behaviours that could expose your company from a cyber-security risk perspective (normal cost £149+vat but free to workshop delegates).

Filling in the questionnaire is a prerequisite to participating in the workshop.