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We transform the way that people buy, sell and trade in photo and video kit.

MPB is a global digital marketplace for high-quality used video and photo equipment. Why buy new when there’s an easy way to sell and trade in kit you no longer need and buy the gear you really want to fulfil your creative endeavors? We’re proud to have built our business model on the principles of a sustainable economy, by helping to slow down technological turnover and keep old tech out of landfill. 

Whether you’re new to visual storytelling or you’re a professional creative, our site has a vast range of used photo and video equipment including camera bodies, lenses, filters and accessories. We deal with all leading brands, selling pre-inspected items with a 6-month warranty, so you know you won’t be sacrificing reliability by buying used gear. At MPB, we recirculate more than 300,000 items of used kit every year from our hubs in Brooklyn/NYC, Berlin/Germany and Brighton/UK. 

When it comes to creating a more sustainable future, we don’t compromise on our values – and neither should you. Contact us to sell or trade in your old gear, so we can extend its lifespan and creative potential, and buy the kit you need at a price that won’t cost the earth.